Team & Private Training

Team, group & Private Lessons

Team Training

Annie Fahlenbock and staff will come to your practice time and run the practice. Coaches tell the instructor what skills they want to improve on and the instructor will work on those skills during the practice time. Using unique drills and teaching methods we see an improvement immediately and it’s a nice break for players and coaches to have another voice–it’s a long season.

Annie Fahlenbock: $150/hr + HST
Other instructors: $130/hr + HST
2 instructors (including Annie Fahlenbock): $220/hr + HST
2 instructors: $170/hr + HST

Please text Annie Fahlenbock to book an instructor: 416-302-9542 or

Private and Semi-Private Lessons:

We see a huge benefit to these lessons. Players are able to strengthen specific weaknesses and younger students are able to get the attention they need to learn skills quickly. Long term students have made huge gains over the years of extra lessons. Our students contribute more to their teams, make teams they are trying for, and move up levels as the years go on. All lessons are at RINX and prices include ice plus instruction.

Annie Fahlenbock:

1-2 students: $150/hr
3-4 students: $180/hr
5-7 students: $250/hr
7-10 students: $300/hr

Please text Annie Fahlenbock to book: 416-302-9542 or

Annie’s past private lesson students include:

Cody Hodgson: Buffalo Sabres, NHL – Annie worked with him in ’07 – ’10.
Courtney Birchard: Team Canada – Annie worked with her from ’05-’11.
Vicky Bendus: Team Canada – Annie worked with her from ’00 – ’11.
Emma Korbs: Dartmouth University ’09-present.
Hillary Lloyd: Princeton University ’09-present.