Summer 2020

Fierce Hockey Summer Camps 2020

Fierce Hockey prides itself of on having an amazing learning environment where young athletes thrive.  We have dynamic staff who inspire our athletes to work hard & try new things.  Players come home from camp full of confidence & as promised TIRED.  Our athletes are always excited to come to the rink the next day even though their legs are sore!

Fierce Hockey is always pushing it’s limits and changing as the game is changing.  We have our drills that have proven success in improving our athletes quickly and we also have new skill development drills that we are using.

Over Speed Training – this is a new way of teaching cross overs forward & backward where the player is crossing over super fast – using proper technique and medium sized cross overs players lean towards the ice and pick up HUGE speed when done properly.

PEP (Power Edge Pro) Training – This is how Connor McDavid trained and now all professional level players are training this way.  These drills have a lot of moving parts to them – lots of edge work, stick handling & creativity.  Everything is done at full speed!

Dynamic Shooting & Passing Training – These drills are similar to the PEP drills but using more passing and shooting and less stick handling.  Complex drills working on full speed skating and passing with quick release shooting.  We see our athletes get quicker, harder shots off in games like situations.


*IMPORTANT NOTICE: Fierce Hockey’s current policy during COVID- 19 restrictions – please note that in the event that a Fierce Camp is rescheduled, a full credit will be issued. This credit will be valid from 24 months.

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